While moving around fequently as a child does not provide you with roots it does foster an ability to survive and thrive anywhere in any circumstance, or at least it has for me. My intense wanderlust and hunger for new knowledge and experiences has provided me with a voice that is vastly unique.

Throughout my work life I have never been afraid to try anything new as long as I was moving forward. I started working when I was 13 years old scooping ice cream at Baskin Robbins. I knew quickly that it wasn’t for me but I learned a lot about working quickly and efficiently. My parents instilled in me the values of doing the best at every job I commit to. That was driven home by my observations while living in Italy. When they build something, create something or make something they do it with the intention of it being the best and lasting forever. I knew this was what makes that country so incredible to this day.

I took that knowledge and applied it to my writing, my marketing and eventually to my own retail company. Always believing that if I was doing something I needed to be doing my best because everything I do is a reflection of who I am, just as every word written or marketing of your business is a reflection of your brand and your companies beliefs. It is vital that it all be the best it can be.

I believe in every crack and crevice there is an opportunity, whether it be an opportunity to express who you are, to grow your business, meet new clients, do better for your employees or give back to the world. Due to my experience as an entrepreneur, a volunteer teacher in Central America, a writer, a self-published novelist, a world traveler, a photographer and a marketer I have a voice which is not only unique but also passionate, thoughtful and focused.

My life is a series of goals and dreams. Each one builds upon the other to create a distinct voice and remarkable perspective.