Franklin Goose


This was a 9 year long project. It began by developing the asthetics of the original website, working closely with the engineers and designer to implement every detail of developing the branding, layout and functionality of Franklin Goose and it's products. What began as an e-commerce only site had to be developed to also become a brick and mortar POS built from the ground up. My job was to envision, explain and test each new function of the site. During this time I also worked diligently to develop the product descriptions, integration with shipping companies and fulfillment centers as well as independent manufacturers who were able to register on our site and upload their own products (similar to the Amazon model). 

The website grew and changed 3 times during the 9 years each time I was in charge of overseeing the changes, the vision and the communication with the engineering teams to make sure integration, branding and functionality were perfect. 

Franklin Goose was twice built from the ground up and grew to a site with over 5,000 products, 1,000's of customers, a custom baby registry to rival Babies R Us and Target. It was also a robust POS system for a brick and mortar selling over 600,000.00 per year in store. 

While the challenges were great I loved the challenge, and could not have been prouder of the end result.