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30 Seconds - Travel Channel

30 Seconds - Travel Channel

Travel Channel Lead

Started Role
May 2018

Team Leadership
Social Media Management

I began as an occasional contributor to the site. Within in a few months I was asked to take the lead in the growth and development of the Travel page. My role is to help recruit other contributors to the channel to give the readership more inspiration, stories, tips and ideas for travel related stories. Finding the right people who are relatable to the audience and share the passion for travel that I desire in page contributors is one of my priorities. The continuity of the page and the voice is imperative to me as I help to grow the Travel Channel.

Writing stories and hosting Twitter chats are a part of my role which I love. Connecting with the readers and audience inspires my writing and vision for the page. Each month I develop a schedule of balanced stories to engage the readers.

As lead of the Travel Channel growing our social media exposure is a priority. I work to help promote the travel channel stories on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Doing this allows me to help promote other writers, and connect with the travel community in a way that helps growth and exposure.  The longer I work with the more opportunities I see for the travel page to grow, generate more income and inspire our readers.